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Service commitment

   In order to truly "for customer service, user responsibility, customer satisfaction," the purpose of Naten Electric meter box, FRP cable branch box product quality, service to the user made the following commitments:
一、Our company will ensure that all aspects of production will be strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system implementation, both in product design, manufacturing, product testing process and users, owners close contact, feedback related information, and always welcome users and owners to visit our company Visit the guide.
二、For key projects supporting equipment and products to ensure delivery according to the contract requirements of technical services, will send professional and technical services personnel to participate in the unpacking acceptance and guidance installation and commissioning work until the normal operation of equipment.
三、Guarantee to provide users with excellent pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, pre-sales to users a comprehensive introduction to product performance and use, and provide relevant information. It is obliged to invite the buyer to participate in the technical design review of the supplier when necessary.
四、According to user needs for the demand-side equipment installation, commissioning, use, maintenance technology business training. Focus on the quality of user tracking, user access, timely according to user needs, and constantly improve product performance, improve product quality.
五、Equipment (products) run for 12 months as a warranty period, warranty quality problems arising from the Nan Teng Electric responsible for the product and the implementation of the "Three Guarantees" (repair, replacement, return).
六、More than the "Three Guarantees" period of the product, to ensure the provision of repair parts and maintenance services according to user needs do a good job. For the product accessories and wearing parts to ex-factory price offers available.
七、After receiving the quality problem information reflected by the user, within 2 hours, make a reply or send service personnel to arrive at the scene as soon as possible so that the user is not satisfied and the service will not stop.

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