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NT Series SMC FRP cable branch box manual

Editor:Zhejiang naten electric co.,ltd.│ Publish time: 2017/10/28│ Views:1533

一、Product description
    Zhejiang Naten Electric Co., Ltd. developed NT Series FRP cable branch box for rated frequency 50,60 Hz, rated voltage 380V (660V) of the power system, as power, lighting and power distribution equipment, power distribution, control purposes. Applicable to a variety of harsh environments, substations (substation), industrial and mining enterprises and the city roads, garden residential district, high-rise buildings, airports and other outdoor public places. Particularly suitable for petroleum, chemical and other corrosive gas plant and coastal, islands and other places with high salt spray.
    SMC fiberglass cable branch box is made of new high-performance materials. It has the advantages that ordinary materials do not have, especially its environmental protection, aesthetics and no-light pollution. It is also adapted to the current trend of creating energy-saving and environment-friendly society advocated by society . The box has the advantages of strong insulation, electrical strength, resistance to electric marking, aging resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardant insulation, good toughness and other advantages, and has a very strong mechanical strength, with unparalleled safety of the metal box Performance, safety performance and interchangeability, is the first choice for urban and rural power grids retrofit projects.

二、Box structure and characteristics
    The box member is made of fully insulating polymer composite material (SMC) molded by high temperature. The whole box is assembled by the ring of each functional component and is assembled with high precision. Its structure is novel, compact, easy to assemble. And has a unique rain design and ventilation design features.
    The box has very good electrical properties, insulation index, dielectric strength, tracking index, anti-aging index are very good. Even in very damp and harsh environment, there is almost no condensation, and has a very strong mechanical strength. With metal cabinet unparalleled safety performance, even if the cabinet line failure or external impact damage will not cause the cabinet charged. Particularly suitable for densely populated areas without the use of protective mesh.
    ●Box components for the molding, building blocks assembled structure, so the high dimensional accuracy, easy installation.
    ●Excellent insulation properties. The box is fully insulated structure, no additional grounding system.
    ●The material itself, excellent thermal insulation properties, coupled with a special ventilation structure design, can effectively prevent condensation inside the cabinet, the possibility of coagulation.
    ●Excellent chemical resistance, can effectively resist the weak acid, alkali, salt spray, rain corrosion.
    ●Excellent anti-aging properties. In the material to add anti-UV treatment elements, making the box more durable and long service life.
    ●Fully enclosed structure, a unique anti-inch design, degree of protection to IP44 IP54 or even.
    ●Rich internal components make the installation of electrical components simple and convenient.
    ●Light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance and flame retardancy, the overall structure is stable, safe and reliable.
    ●Compact, beautiful appearance design and natural color, harmonious appearance, no light pollution.

三、Product installation and use
    ●Please carefully check the installation of all parts of the meter box intact.
    ●Meter box should be mounted vertically. Tilt angle must not exceed 54 °.
    ●Installation location should be selected without severe vibration, impact and not enough to corrosion of electrical components.
    ●In the process of using sharp objects and hard objects should avoid scratching the surface of the meter box.
    ●Meter box installation should try to choose a cool dry place, to avoid direct sunlight for a long time to extend the service life of the meter.
    ●Meter box Used to fix the wall or cross arm on the fixed position are located inside the box, so the box must be opened before installation, first remove the middle of the meter box under the two cover fixing screws, and then follow the prompts to open Box.
    ●Depending on the mounting hole location, mount the mounting hole at the location of the corresponding wall, install the expansion tube, and install it.

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